Hello, this is (Dun-Ming) Brandon Huang


I am a (Taiwanese) undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley graduating Spring 2025 (fourth year), I double major in Cognitive Science and Computer Science.

Research. Up to the point of writing, my research involves both disciplines of cognitive science and deep learning. Under a guest affiliation at Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Computational Audition Group, I have conducted cross-cultural research on psycholinguistic modalities like conversation tone and translation operations via the lens of iterated learning and sampling with people. Meanwhile, as an undergraduate researcher at Robot Learning Lab, I participate in deep learning research (unsupervised, reinforcement), with the coverage of experience spanning across developments of humanoid robots’ benchmark and multimodal, representational learning of these agents towards skill learning. A combination of these interests would be some reinforcement learning work with human-use implications, and a broader view of this problem would be “how to reconcile the possible collisions a robot may have with an interacting, dynamic aspect of the environment”, such as a human being. Although it is not certain yet, I plan to carry on with this direction of work.

Teaching. As a member of Berkeley’s CS undergraduate community, I also lead educational initiatives. Some highlighted experiences follow. I have currently served as a TA (UCS2) for DATA C100 for two semesters. I have also been a coordinator for an educational student organization on campus, Computer Science Mentors, where I co-lead a 30+ people branch of this tutoring organization— to have served a quite sizeable number of students throughout my experience at CSM. I have also written some pedagogical content and personal notes for public use.

Otherwise. For more information regarding my undergraduate career (course projects, coursework taken, artifacts), you may browse the tabs above my homepage.