List of Courses as an Undergraduate

This page hosts a list of courseworks I have currently taken as an undergraduate. Only courses with exceptional (beyond-A) grades are marked so.

SemesterCourse NameObtained GradeNotes(/Excuses)
Fall 2021COMPSCI 61AA 
Fall 2021DATA C8A 
Fall 2021EECS 16AA 
Fall 2021English R1AA 
Spring 2022COMPSCI 61BA 
Spring 2022MATH 53A+ 
Spring 2022EECS 16BA 
Spring 2022ENGLISH R1BA 
Fall 2022COMPSCI 70A+ 
Fall 2022COMPSCI 375A 
Fall 2022DATA C100A+I am currently TAing this class!
Fall 2022COGSCI 1BA+ 
Spring 2023EECS 127A+ (PR >= 98)We have made a course project here (see CV)
Spring 2023COMPSCI 189A+ 
Spring 2023MCB C61A-No excuse
Spring 2023LING 100A+ 
Fall 2023COMPSCI 61CA+ 
Fall 2023COMPSCI 285AWe have written a project for this course (see CV)
Fall 2023COGSCI C100A 
Fall 2023ISF 100AP 
Spring 2024EECS 126in progress 
Spring 2024COGSCI 132in progress 
Spring 2024INFO 103in progress 
Spring 2024COMPLIT 60ACin progress 

List of Activities per Semester

SemesterActivity Name
Spring 2022Academic Intern @CS61A
Spring 2022Student Instructor @CSM16A
Summer 2022Private Tutor (CS61A)
Fall 2022Course Reader @EECS16A
Fall 2022Senior Content Writer @CSM16A
Fall 2022Data Science Discovery Program @Creative Commons
Spring 2023Course Reader @DATAC100
Spring 2023Leading Senior Content Writer @CSM16A
Summer 2023Research Intern @Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
Fall 2023Undergraduate Researcher @Robotics Learning Lab (BAIR)
Fall 2023Collaborator @Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
Fall 2023Course Coordinator @CSM16A
Spring 2024Undergraduate Researcher @Robotics Learning Lab (BAIR)
Spring 2024Collaborator @Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
Spring 2024Course Coordinator @CSM16A
Summer 2024to be written…