This section hosts pedagogical resources that I have publicized during my undergraduate career.


In Fall 2023, I hosted a discussion section.
In Spring 2024, I am hosting a discussion section as well. My section (is expected) to be at Etcheverry 3105, Wednesday, 11am-12pm.
*Note: Unfortunately, I have a lab meeting right after this discussion section, so please send me emails or post on Ed instead if you have any questions :p

Here is a table of resources that I have publicized during that section:

Section Number: TitleSection DateSlides
01: Linear Algebra Review24/01Here
02: Pandas31/01Here
03: RegEx and Data Wrangling07/02Here
04: Visualization14/02Here
05: Sampling, Modeling, Ordinary Least Squares21/02Here
06: Ordinary Least Squares28/02Here
07: Midterm Review06/03Not public yet
08: Gradient Descent13/03Elicited out of Section 6
09: Overfit, Underfit, Random Variables20/03Here
10: Bias-Variance Tradeoff03/04Here
11: SQL10/04Here
12: Logistic Regression17/04Here
13: PCA and Clustering24/04Here


As a former Senior Content Mentor and a current course coordinator in CSM EECS 16A team, I have created some resources regarding content production and teaching 16A. A list of publicized resources follow.
Note: Documentations are not publicized.

Worksheet Problems

Here is a list of problems that I have written for CSM16A.
I also write some exam problems for DATA C100, which I will only specify after the associated school year has passed and when exam solutions are publicized (so for now, no links here).

Exam Reviews

FA22 Finals Review Session, Cohosted with several other colleagues: here

Exam Walkthroughs

EECS 16A SP22 Finals Walkthrough: here
EECS 16A FA21 Finals Walkthrough: here


General LaTeX Walkthrough: here
Circuitikz Tutorial: here